off the grid





Off the grid lamps are driven by physical interaction. To power the lamps, just pull up the weight to the roof for the large lamp, inflate the balloon for the balloon lamp or pull a couple of times in the little lamp to make it light up for 10-20minutes. No continuous interaction needed, no batteries, no power outlet, mount it anywhere you want.

Demonstration of the big lamp, one pull gives 20 minutes of light.

Our fascination with high-tech products is the basis for many of our contemporary problems. We use more and more electricity consuming products with short life spans. That trend needs to be broken. This project is an investigation into the possibility of replacing electricity-driven objects in our homes with poetic machines— machines that touch the user on an emotional level. Pre-industrial solutions have been connected with modern technology in order to create objects with higher value and longer life spans. This investigation springs from a longing to become self-sufficient, as well as a dream of a cordless society.


Independent light was awarded three scholarships 2012, Ann Wall from Svenskt tenn, swedish ung form and IKEA.


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